Remember Christ this season


Remember Christ this Season


Everybody is rushing this time of year.  Last week, our family’s schedule was packed with doctor’s visits, basketball games, Christmas-parade preparations, and service projects at church – not to mention the normal routines of life.  Whew!  I’m sure you can relate.

We all need simple ways to help us reflect on Jesus during the December days.  He is the real meaning of the season.  As we go about the weeks before Christmas, let's take time to worship Christ in our spirits - and take opportunities to share Him with others. 

 Some simple things that help me experience Jesus in the midst of a busy December . . .

1.  Start every day with the Lord - with some prayer and Bible meditation.  I often remember Johnny Hunt's words, "If you give your time to the Redeemer, He will redeem your time."  It’s true for every month of the year.  It’s true for every day.  We need to make time to connect with our Creator.  The roots go deep and grow strong as we give time to Him.  Sometimes I find it helpful to keep a hymnal or songbook handy to reflect on some timeless words of great songs of faith.

2.  I love Christmas music, as does my family.  However, in the midst of the "fun" holiday music, I keep a CD or two in my car or computer of Christmas music that says a lot about the Lord.  For my personal tastes and wiring, no Christmas music helps me worship Jesus any more than the classical kind.  I keep CD's handy of The Robert Shaw Chorale and the St. Olaf Choir.  They bless me greatly as they sing classic Christmas carols about the Lord - His redemption, incarnation, birth, holiness, etc.  My tastes may not be yours - but find something that helps your spirit worship Jesus - even in the midst of holiday rush.  Today I was listening to BEAUTIFUL STAR by The Centurymen.  Of course, there is also plenty of room for the non-classical kind in my holiday music.  Jump into my car and you will find Christmas CD’s from Michael Buble, Kenny Rogers, and Alabama, to name a few.

3.  I keep some easy reading handy - on my desk, in my bathroom, in my backpack, in our den.  By easy reading I mean Christian writing that is not too elaborate.  I have a few simple books by Max Lucado, Jack Hayford, and others that contain simple meditations that can be read in 2-5 minutes.  I read one this morning over breakfast on Jesus being the Bread of Life, and my mind and spirit have meditated on it all morning as I have been doing other things.  One of my favorites is Come . . . and Behold Him! by Pastor Jack Hayford.

Pastor Jack writes, “Jesus lives at our house.  And it’s His birthday.  His presence is  real, and the Holy Spirit communicates deep dimensions of His love among us.  He is the Spirit of Christmas – Holy is His name.  You don’t need candlelight and fireside glow to make it happen.  Trees, ornaments, gifts, and all of it are splendid embellishments.  Not necessary, but so very nice.  It’s Him.  He’s finding more and more opened inns these days.  It’s priceless to discover the pleasure of His company, and especially when He’s in a celebrating mood.  May your home know something of all this glory during these days.  It’s no Currier and Ives reproduction of something long ago.  It’s here.  And it’s now.”

4.  It always helps me in December, after everyone has gone to bed, to sit down by the lit tree for just a few minutes and "be still and know that [He] is God."  A few quiet moments to reflect, give Him thanks, and perhaps read a few Scriptures.  There is something full of wonder about the glow of a Christmas tree at night when the house is finally still.  Our tree is full of ornaments collected through many years.  Looking at them reminds me of our own personal journey and invokes thanksgiving and hope for continued guidance and mercies.

Perhaps these simple things may help you, in the midst of the holiday rush, to connect with Christ.  It is as we connect with Him that we have something to share with others. 


(Rhett Wilson pastors The Spring Church in Laurens. His blog, Faith, Family, and Freedom, can be found at  He enjoys doing life with his wife Tracey and their three children.)


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