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An impeached President had the for withal to close our borders to China, and he was called xenophobic by Biden and the Left. He told the truth, and he was mocked."

Letters to the Editor: The Virus/Voting and Ambulances.






The editor,

For four plus years, I have read your anti-Donald Trump rhetoric.  You and your liberal cohorts rode a Russian hoax demeaning Trump and his administration throughout its term.  You blamed Trump for every conceivable action of malaise, individual or collectively, occurring during his tenure as President.

You have now exhibited your greatest regurgitation of the leftist bull manure.  Your accusation of Trump failing to lead during the advent of the China Virus demonstrates manure losing its smell and being spread upon worthless soil.  Your blaming him for the death of a half-million Americans should be evidence enough of your grazing on said worthless soil.

If you had bothered to occasionally tune your channel to a liberal alternate source of information, you may have noticed what was going on when the China Virus made its appearance.  An impeached President had the for withal to close our borders to China, and he was called xenophobic by Biden and the Left.  He told the truth, and he was mocked.  He also instituted the War Powers Act for personal protection gear, ventilators, and bought 100 million doses of vaccine he ordered produced.  He provided everything and more of the needs of New York and its “OUTSTANDING” governor, Andrew Cuomo.  He did the same for California.

If an individual cannot rationalize and assume self-responsibility when it comes to an act that may save that individual’s life, someone else must.  Your liberal Cuomo did such, resulting in the mortality or nearly 15,000 residents of nursing and elderly home residents.  Of course, you and your libtards will simply ascribe this “misfortune” to Trump.   

If an individual, possessing a reasoning ability, does not assume his or her own individual responsibility as to wearing a mask or taking a vaccine, no other hands assume responsibility.  However, when you have a Dr. Fauci, WHO, and CDC saying masks don’t matter, masks matter, and two masks are better, what does one believe?  Especially when the good Dr. is shown on TV trying to throw out a “first pitch” wearing a mask then sitting between two other individuals in the stands with his mask pulled down.

As to your tirade concerning the South Carolina legislature considering voting rights, I can assure you the voting hoodlums of this state will always find a way to exercise their right to steal votes.  From the day a half-pint bought a vote to the day of the welfare state, nothing has stood in their path.  Death or incapacity are simple inconveniences overcome by modern technology.  Why, if you politic hard enough, you may even obtain a voting place and be able to print your own ballots.


Charles W. McKinney, Sr.,






The editor,

This new Council is on the move of lately. Specifically in one area involving EMS.

For whatever reason, the Director of OUR (taxpayers) EMS system is no longer employed by the County. I feel the need that several questions need to be asked by us, the Taxpayers.

One, will County Council now allow the units to take us, the taxpayers, to the hospital that we request? Be it Bon Secours, Mary Black or Self.

Or will we still be required to create a heated discussion in order to ride in our units to the hospital of our choice?

I had the occasion to question this issue with one of the Prisma EMS units stationed at the Barksdale crossroads. He informed me they would take me to any hospital of my choice.

Two, will the Council rescind the County EMS Policy with regards to transportation to a hospital other than Laurens County Prisma Health Center?

The other concern I have, deals with competition of the other hospitals in Greenville County. Are you aware that in the very recent past, the Greenville Hospital System wanted to take over the entire EMS system in Greenville County. Thus eliminating revenue of other hospitals and their ER services. After a heated discussion of the local elected officials failed, it took the higher state legislators to rule on the process. Are we implementing this same scenario?

So, that the general public may understand the proper use of their EMS system, my other question is, Will we be able to use our units to transport to other hospitals other than Prisma hospital.

Our elected powers t need to think thru all these conditions and share with the taxpayers what their choices are when needed to be transported in an emergency.  Is it possible to have our preferences listed with the E911 Center so they would know immediately ones preferences.

Council, I would deeply appreciate your comments on the matter, as we the taxpayers, want and need to know how our elected officials are thinking and how these changes will affect our lives.


Jayhue Weisner,




The editor

March 18th was Global Recycling Day, a day dedicated to recognizing the role recycling plays in promoting a more circular economy that reduces our reliance on finite natural resources. 

As we celebrate the benefits of recycling, we should also consider other steps that can be taken to securing our planet’s future, including the use of more renewable plant-based materials. 

Many of the products we use every day, from packaging to plastic car parts to yoga pants, are often made from petroleum, a finite resource that comes from the extraction of carbon embedded deep in the Earth. While recycling can play a role in helping to extend the life of some of these materials, some may still end up as pollution, and some may end up as new carbon dioxide in the atmosphere if recycling is no longer an option. As an alternative, many of these products can be made from renewable, plant-based materials, like hemp, corn, soy, algae, and agricultural waste. These plants actually take carbon out of the atmosphere as they grow. Further, like their petroleum-based counterparts, many plant-based products are recyclable or commercially compostable. These factors combine to help drive a circular economy – one where sustainable products are in use longer, waste is reduced and fewer finite resources are utilized.

The Plant Based Products Council works every day to support the transition to a circular economy that includes adoption of more renewable materials. Global Recycling Day reminds us to keep advocating for solutions that help ensure a more sustainable future.  


Jessica Bowman
Executive Director, Plant Based Products Council
Washington, D.C.

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