PUBLISHER: President Trump has done some good


Brace yourself.


You’re about to read some good things about President Donald J. Trump in a newspaper.


I’ll refer to our President as President Trump in this column, not just Trump. It’s disrespectful to the office to just use a leader’s last name.


I’ll have to lead with a disclaimer.

President Trump is the very definition of a narcissist. Even his supporters have to admit that. Simply put, he thinks a lot of himself.

Twitter is not presidential. Someone really needs to destroy President Trump’s smartphone.

You can’t defend many of the things our President says. Sometimes you wonder if he’s manipulative-intelligent and playing people against each other or if he is just like your drunken buddy at the bar, talking out of his head.

When a Republican or conservative remains quiet on President Trump’s controversial words of the day, it’s not necessarily because they agree with him, it’s because most of the outrageous things that come out of his mouth or from his Twitter account don't deserve a response.

That being said, rhetoric that attacks minorities and women should not be tolerated by anyone. Remember narcissists think they are better than everyone, regardless of race or creed.


In spite of his character flaws, President Trump has accomplished some good for our country and has made America some better. You’ve got to give him credit where credit is due.


Here is my rank of the Top 10 good things that have happened in the past three years:


Conservative judges. President Trump is a populist and not a conservative, but he has stood up for conservative values. He has appointed conservative judges.

President Trump is responsible for placing two Supreme Court justices — Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. He could end up appointing a third. This has preserved a conservative lean for the Supreme Court.

As of July 26, 131 judges had been appointed by President Trump and confirmed, with more to come. That’s a lot of conservative judges that will preserve many of the values cherished by most Americans for decades.


No Hillary. It wasn’t Russian interference that cost the Democrats the White House in 2016 — it was Hillary Clinton. Many people hated both candidates in 2016, but chose President Trump as the lesser of two evils. Yes Clinton won the popular vote, but even her supporters have to recognize that her polarization cost the Democrats the election. Had Clinton won, the nation would have likely had 16 straight years of Democratic White House rule and that would have forever changed our country. Many would say for the worse. So, just by getting elected, President Trump helped hold back the country’s progressive march, at least for the time being.


The economy. Every president lives and dies by the economy. If the economy is doing well, they are going to claim that as a victory. If the economy is doing bad, they will suffer the consequences on Election Day. The economy is good now. More people are working. So, by his right, President Trump can claim victory here.


We have the lowest unemployment rate in 10 years. A lot of red tape has been cut that helps business.


I hear the pundits say the economy is going to take a down turn soon. It will. Numbers always go up and down. Let’s focus on today and not when the next shoe will drop.


Immigration. President Trump is doing something to address a big problem and that’s more than most have done. Our southern border is not a black and white issue; it has a lot of gray. It’s not an easy fix. But at least the problem is not being ignored.


We need to secure our borders. It looks like we’ll get some of the wall before 2020.


We need to show compassion and love to people that would risk anything — death or jail — just to offer their families a better life and the American dream. At the same time we can’t ignore the law and those who break it by entering our country the wrong way.


Again, there is no easy solution and a solution will take compromise, but at least we’re talking about how to fix this problem and that’s because of President Trump.


Trade. President Trump has ticked off most of the world and many livelihoods in American with his tariffs. They hurt, particularly in the short term, but can lead to better deals. Despite all his faults, President Trump is a businessman and knows how to cut a deal.


NAFTA was bad for America. It killed the textile industry and many small towns. Finally, we have a president that recognizes this and is looking for a better deal. And he got the better deal from Mexico and Canada. That’s a good thing.


Nationalism. When did this become a bad word? When did America first become wrong? Why is America first wrong?


President Trump puts American interests first and I see nothing wrong with that. He told NATO that the U.S.A. will pay its share, but no more and that it was time for other NATO countries to pony up. Guess what? They are spending more.


Israel. President Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol and moved the U.S. Embassy there. And he got tough on Israel’s greatest threat, Iran. He pulled out of a disastrous Iran nuclear deal and reimposed crippling sanctions on Tehran. Iran has used some bully tactics in the region, showing how much the sanctions are hurting.


Tax reform (cuts). Better for the rich? Yes. But the middle class will take every scrap we can get. And a tax cut is better than a tax increase any day. Thank you President Trump.


Healthcare. Obamacare is still around, but it has no teeth. President Trump did away with the most ridiculous thing about Obamacare, taxing an individual for not participating. The Supreme Court might finish off the Affordable Care Act. Regardless, the good thing about the ACA must be preserved — allowing those with pre-existing conditions access to healthcare.


 Campaign promises. Many things President Trump says are exaggerations, but he has kept or is trying to keep more than half of his campaign promises. One of those promises was to donate his presidential salary and he has every year, gifting money to the National Park Service, U.S. Education Department, Transportation Department, Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services and more.


The swamp might not be drainable, but President Trump has made life uncomfortable for career politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike, who never keep campaign promises.



If you want to know more about all the bad things President Trump has done or is doing, watch CNN. Any time, night or day, you’ll find President Trump getting bashed. Sometimes it’s deserving, sometimes it’s for ratings.


Does the bad outweigh the good? Does the good outweigh his mouth and tweets? That’s for you the voter to decide in 2020.



Brian Whitmore is the publisher of The Chronicle. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Chronicle. Whitmore can be reached at

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