Publisher: Don’t agree with something, get out the eraser

2020 will one day be erased from history. Nobody liked it. There was a virus and civil unrest. Liberal cancel culture: Erase it.
We can learn from our past, from our mistakes. Liberals: Erase it.
From 1861 to 1865 war divided our country. Both sides sinned with the biggest sin being the ownership of another. Liberals: Erase it.
We can learn from the sins of our past. Liberals: Erase it.
Old Glory still waves and that means everyone is free to have a different opinion.
Liberals: Erase it. Take a knee when the national anthem is played. Fly the flag of the United States upside down. Burn it if you like.
Couldn’t you make your point another way? Liberals: Doesn’t matter. The U.S.A. has always been oppressive, look at the Native Americans. Erase it.
George Floyd being suffocated by a police officer is horrific. Justice should be served on all officers involved.
Lego stops making police sets. “Live PD” is canceled. Paw Patrol is under review.
Wait a minute. All police are not bad. Police protect us. They keep us safe. Liberals: Defund the police. Disband the police. Erase it.
NASCAR says no to a flag – people sinned in the past. The NFL says you don’t have to respect a flag – people sinned in the past. The Carolina Panthers have removed a statue of former owner Jerry Richardson – he sinned in the past.
The country group Lady Antebellum dropped Antebellum from its name because that period of history led to the Civil War.
HBO Max pulls “Gone with the Wind” for racist depictions.
Aunt Jemima, Mrs. Butterworth’s, Uncle Ben’s and Cream of Wheat are delicious, but they’ve got to go.
Statues around the world are being defaced and torn down – they sinned in the past.
Liberals: Erase it. We’ll put up new statues depicting people who don’t sin. The ones that think like us.
Saints quarterback Drew Brees said he supports standing for the flag. Backlash. Apology. He misspoke. After careful consideration of his bank account, he sees the light.
Liberals: Support a different position — lose your business, lose your livelihood. Fall in line or be erased.
I agree with some of what Black Lives Matter is saying. I believe we need to listen. I believe this movement should be heard. I believe we are all brothers and sisters, regardless of skin color. Truth is, we are all the same. We’re just trying to get through life the best we can.
Liberals: Apologize for your ancestor’s sin. Acknowledge white privilege. Speak up — “white silence is violence.”
I teach my child to treat others like she wants to be treated. I will not teach her to go through life ashamed.
Liberals: You are not doing enough as a parent. We’ll take it from here.
Are we going to far? What’s next?
What happens when preaching against homosexuality becomes hate speech? 
Some Pastors: “It’s OK. God loves us all. We’ll stop preaching those scriptures. Better yet, let’s use a translation that takes out the Blood of Christ, the existence of slavery, the condemnation of homosexuality and whatever might offend.”
God does love us all, but he hates sin. You can’t tamper with the Bible. That’s the Word of God.
A liberal world order: That’s what you think. You’re wrong. Erase it.
Brian Whitmore is the publisher of The Chronicle. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Chronicle. Whitmore can be reached at

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