PUBLISHER: Build the wall — secure our border

Build the wall.

Yes. I said it — that taboo phrase that conservatives can’t say without being ripped on social media and called a racist.
I lock my doors every night. It’s not because I hate the people on the outside, it’s because I love the people on the inside of my home more than I love the people on the outside.
If I had the money, I’d build a large fence around my property. My “wall” would keep the hunters out, who think hunting season gives them free right to trespass on my land. Yes, they might still get in, but at least they’d have to do some work hopping the fence.
A fence also would keep neighbors from encroaching on my land. You see, just because they don’t have enough room for their derelict cars, doesn’t mean I want that junk on my land.
I guess I’m just a hater. I worked hard and I am still working hard for my American Dream — a house and some land. Because of property tax, I’ll never actually own my land. It’s bought and paid for, but for the rest of my life I’ll have to pay the government for the privilege of calling myself a landowner.
One day in the future, I probably won’t even have that privilege. I’ll probably have to give sections of my land away to those who don’t want to work as hard. What I have isn’t elaborate, but socialism dictates that I have nothing more than anyone else, regardless of how hard I work.
It takes every penny that my wife and I make to make ends meet and live a simple life. We both put up with a lot of crap at work to live the American Dream. Nothing has been handed to us and we don’t want handouts.
Welfare is suppose to help people that have fallen on hard times get back on their feet. It’s not a check from the government for the rest of your life, like it has become for too many.
But sure, let’s put more strain on the system and open those borders up.
We have a legal way to become a citizen, it just takes longer — it could take years. Oh, we can’t have that. This is a world of instant gratification. 
Why work? Why wait? Let’s go the illegal route and get what we want now and what we want is all the benefits of being an American without paying taxes. Hey, I’d like that too. Where do I sign-up?
And you know, we really don’t have enough people in this country. Woodruff Road in Greenville just doesn’t have enough traffic. Shoot, Clinton has too much traffic for me.
Forget homeland security. Most of the world hates America and everything it stands for, so why don’t we let everybody that wants to destroy our country come over for supper.
Let’s change the Statue of Liberty’s quote: “Give me your crime, drugs, gangs, murder, human trafficking and terrorism. Breathe free for now.”
You say, “Brian, you are supposed to be a Christian, where is the love?”
My liberal friend, don’t give me the “he’s not acting like a Christian spill,” while you support candidates that think it’s a woman’s right to murder a baby.
I’m all for meeting in the middle. I have several liberal friends, listen to what they say and try to empathize. But radical liberals are ruining our country.
And don’t tell me a wall is a waste of money. This country blows billions of dollars on things a lot “crazier” than border security.
Build the wall.
Brian Whitmore is the publisher of The Chronicle. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Chronicle. Whitmore can be reached at

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