Letter: Who is the bully?


The editor,

I would like to thank The Chronicle for printing  my views about the district 55 school bond  referendum. I think it is necessary to clean up some of the messages that are coming from the school district.  

In a recent article, The Clinton Chronicle reported that at a  LCDC meeting Dr Peters said the following: Many supporters of Laurens 55 and the proposal to build a new high school, are being bullied into keeping their support quiet. He went on to say that when adults are bullying adults, what can we expect our children to do?  As one of the leaders in opposition to the districts plan, I will simply present a couple of facts, and ask a simple question, and let you decide.

On April 12, 2017 a letter signed by 6 of the 7 school board members appeared on the editorial page of  The Laurens Advertiser which stated this concerning the opposition: "Information being shared with the public by those not part of the planning committees" ( those not formed by the district) "are NOT accurate." Later they added this, "therefore the board requests that information  provided by those not a part of the planning committees be DISREGARDED." This is fact, you can look it up!

If there is a bully, who is the bully here?

In a  April 26, 2017,  letter to the editor Dr Peters had this to say: " the time has come for a SINGLE VOICE of care and reason on behalf of our children., a time for tradition to meet progress."

What about the voices of those opposed? If there is a bully, who is the bully here?

I have learned that for an ever increasing number of people, disagreeing with them, or God forbid, injecting common sense into the debate,  is considered bullying.

The Chronicle also reported that Dr Peters said, if economic development is important you can't do it without quality education. I agree, and I assume Dr Peters in saying that, was touting the new school plan. However Mr. Murray who works under Dr. Peters said, in a June 21st letter to the editor "we cannot make any  guarantees about outcomes, economic development, or growth, whether the referendum passes or fails.

Finally The Chronicle reported that Dr Peters said, if (retired superintendent) Billy Strickland was up here saying we need a new school, people would be out there with shovels. I am appalled that Dr Peters would make what I will generously call a reckless statement. I cannot read his heart and mind as to his point in saying this, but I believe it shows Dr Peters does not know Billy Strickland or the people of Laurens County very well. Mr Strickland lived and worked here for decades as Teacher,  Principal, and Superintendent. From what I know of him he tried to have the district live within the budget, he cared about the tax burden. As for Dr Peters comment about the shovels, I believe if Mr Strickland had made  

the same proposal we have before us, and  handled it in the same inept way, I believe we probably would have been out there with shovels that might be used to cover him up. PS, for any who may have been born without a " funny bone", that last part was a joke.


Keith Tripp






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