LETTER: Too Much Negative Talking about Nation


The Editor:

I never dreamed in my 83 years that I’d ever see what is happening to our great nation that God has so richly blessed. 

Why can’t people take the blinders from their eyes and see what prejudice and hate are doing to our country? Prejudice and hate have no color. It’s the same in all races around the world. When people do not respect God, how can they respect themselves and others? 

I call Clinton “Eden.” God has protected us from the terrible storms, floods, and fires that have raged all around us. When I go to the washateria I seldom hear a good or how fortunate we are to live in freedom. I want to cry out “Leave America if all you can do is complain about what you do not have, and realize how blessed you are to live in the best country in the world!” I lived in other countries when I was married to a career soldier. When I got back to the good ole’ USA, I wanted to kiss the ground. I always thank God I was back where I felt free; and still do.

Have we not learned what hate and resentment have tried to do to destroy our nation in the past? We cannot erase history but we can strive to never let it happen again by letting it go and move on. I’ve been hurt many times in my 83 years, but I found out holding onto unforgiveness only hurt me over and over again. So I let go.

I’m glad I live in an apartment complex where people live in harmony and respect each other regardless of race and religion beliefs. It’s peaceful because we believe in treating our neighbors as ourselves. The Lord gave us the “Ten Commandments” as a road map on how to live among others. If we abide by His words we can bring peace and love instead of hate and bitterness.

May God Bless our great country that I love so much.

Pat Simpson


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