LETTER: Progressive position is "simplistic"


The editor:

I read with interest Russ Dean’s “Actions speak louder than words?” column in the August 14 edition of the Chronicle. And I found it troubling.

Yes, President Trump is an easy target of hate and denigration. He is regrettably less-than-presidential, his barbed tweets are often indefensible, and his off-the-cuff responses to questions can be annoyingly superficial.

I obviously know nothing of Mr. Dean’s two friends, but many reluctant supporters of Mr. Trump care about more than the economy (though the national economy is dismissed by only the most superficially partisan).

Mr. Dean purports to build a theological case, but theology is the very thing that drives many of Mr. Trump’s reluctant supporters. “You shall not commit murder” remains one of the Ten Commandments, and that includes the unborn.

A nation that does not protect the lives of its unborn has lost its soul.

While I do not know Mr. Dean’s position on abortion (I suspect it’s “complicated”), many of us will vote for no candidate who believes the life of the unborn rests solely with his or her mother’s predilections. Mr. Trump has shown himself to be a friend to the unborn.

Mr. Dean’s further maligning of Mr. Trump via the President’s immigration rhetoric and policies is more than a little off-putting. Mr. Trump is expressly concerned about illegal immigration. What is Mr. Dean’s position?

Open borders?

Perhaps Mr. Dean has answered these points in previous columns. I don’t subscribe to the Chronicle. I read his column only because a friend showed it to me. My suspicion, however, is that Mr. Dean takes a predictably “progressive” position on most issues. Regardless, in this particular column I find his theological position simplistic and wanting.

I do agree with Mr. Dean about not knowing a time in our lives when our country was more divided and filled with discord. I see nothing in Mr. Dean’s column that contributes to the healing of that division and discord.


William Moore

Clinton, S.C.

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