LETTER: No need for "questioning"


The editor:

To the District 56 School Board members that voted “NO” to adding “sexual orientation” to the list of discriminations for the district:

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! It is not the lack of such a resolution that may cause issues, but instead the liberal left that continues to modify every definition of humanity that keeps the youth of this nation confused.

First, when people started “coming out of the closet,” the left labeled it as an alternative lifestyle; then it was labeled gay and lesbian.  Next came lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transsexual or LBGT. The justification changed to “being born that way.” 

Now what do we have? Glad you asked:

We now have LGBTQ.  The “Q” or “question” is for those who have yet to decide what gender they were born.  The so-called educated” experts have suggested that parents of newborns not declare gender on the birth certificate and wait until the child is 7-8 years old before the child decides what gender to live out their life.  Really?  That’s a pretty heavy and needless choice to lay on a young child, wouldn’t you think?

Let’s help these young boys and girls out by leaving them decisions on food, birthday and Christmas presents and the like. It is very easy and plain to see how the liberal left continually modifies humanity and everything else

on their agenda to appease and garner votes. 

The simple reason is the liberal left will not be content until they reach their “finish line,” which is to strip the conservative and Christian right of every constitutional freedom we own and make everyone dependent on the government for the basic essentials of life.

God already made the choice.  In the Bible, He defined gender in the beginning when he created Adam and Eve.  Male and female. God confirmed His “choice” by making the birds of the air and beasts of field in like manner. Male and female.  Nothing in-between. No doubts.  No “Q”uestions.

However, there was one powerful element given to Adam and Eve in the Garden. It was choice. That element has now come full circle with the “Q” in LGBTQ. 

This latest modification of the liberal left agenda came when previous justifications, including the latest “they were born that way” apparently didn’t take hold, they created the “Question” loophole.  In order to decide, we are right back to a “choice” being made.

Teachers of District 56, I ask you to refer to the students as boys and girls or young men and young women.  Never dismiss what God “chose” to create – male and female - as a “Question.”

I am thankful that Chairman Jim Barton, Coach Richardson, Tammy Stewart, Edna McGee, Jan Simmons and Kim Williams-Carter made the right “choice” to a “Question” they should have never been asked.


Respectfully submitted,

Tim Entrekin



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