Letter: Judge Roberts will be judged one day

The editor,

Last week I wrote a letter about the US Supreme court in which I strongly condemned the court for its complete abdication in refusing to consider hearing what I believe to be the most important case in American history  since the Civil war. 

They gave a fancy two step legal argument  that the plaintiffs had no standing, however two, and sadly only two, justices felt it was a constitutional duty to take the case. Since a state or states can only sue in the Supreme Court, where else were the millions of citizens to go?  According to news reports it is Chief justice Roberts leading the charge to prevent any hearing on the merits. Why is he so scared of the facts, and besides Thomas and Alito, where are the others who professed  allegiance to the text of the constitution, all of whom were appointed by President Trump? Many of the courts especially the Supreme Court  remind me of a picture of three monkeys 1 with hands over his eyes (titled see no evil), 2. hands over ears (titled hear no evil), 3. hands over mouth (speak no evil.) Please picture this in your mind, as of now this sums up the High Court  they don't want to see fraud, they don't want to hear facts that show  massive cheating and when citizens tried to engage the court to do it's job, they had nothing to say. 

In my previous letter I referred to the judge who presided at the trial of Jesus,  Pontuis Pilate, and tried to absolve his guilt by washing his hands. Justice Roberts and other Justices need to remember there is a higher court than this Supreme Court. On that great day Justice Roberts, will stand  before the great Judge of all, who does not turn a blind to evil, and corruption of any kind including election fraud and stealing an election and   he will hear every case. It is no secret that Justice Roberts is sensitive about his reputation as leader of the court and often caves on issues as he did on Obama care more than once essentially rewriting the law to make it possible, and later again at the last minute saving it thru maneuvering after leading conservatives to believe he would vote with them. I wonder why Roberts always seems to want to please Obama? 

Recent news reports have suggested that Roberts is fearful about rioting in the street, so am I but that is no reason to not uphold the constitution. Roger Taney is often called the worst Chief Justice in American History because of his role in the Dred Scott case that is said to have hastened the Civil War. Well it appears Justice Roberts may be competing with Taney for the title. Roberts may get his own civil war!


Keith Tripp, 



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