Letter: editorial is wrong


The editor:

In reply to the editorial piece dated Jan. 4 concerning armed teachers, I offer a different perspective.

One resource officer in a large building with many children and classrooms cannot possibly save as many children as the teacher closest to them. Seconds count.

If more than one shooter invades the school, what is that lone officer going to do? There is the delay time between police being called to the scene and the actual contact.

An armed teacher would likely down a shooter and gun holstered by that time, so shooting a teacher would be far fetched.

If thugs are aware teachers carry guns, reasoning dictates that shooter would skip that school.

As a former state corrections officer, I attest that it doesn’t take extensive law enforcement certified training to learn how to property hold and discharge a weapon and to insinuate that teachers are too dumb and careless to protect the children in case of attack is an insult.

Teachers who volunteer to take the class by SLED should be praised for stepping up to protect the children as the front-line defense against an attack and should be paid. After all, what price do we put on the children’s heads?

Practice at the shooting range develops the skill and mental readiness needed to save lives.

Are citizens expected next to become law enforcement officers before using their guns to defend their home and family.

According to the editorial, only officers should have guns.

People shouldn’t wait until police arrive at their homes to defend themselves and family from intruders. They should survive by shooting the intruder(s). It’s no different in a classroom or schoolyard.

In that movie theatre massacre, if one person had been carrying, many lives would’ve been spared.

Our natural rights come from God. The Second Amendment declares that right to defend self and others.

Rights cannot be taxed. Taxing guns and ammo also puts undue burdens financially to achieve the means of defense. The problem is that people aren’t used to seeing law-abiding citizens asserting their Second Amendment rights by carrying a gun.

But, they should get used to it. Those guns could one day save the lives of that state senator and Mr. Simmons, mentioned in the editorial. They should become more informed and less erring. Certainly, less panicky.

Thank you,

Dena M. Campbell

Clinton, S.C.

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