Letter to the Editor: Campbell


The editor:

I see much rhetoric and propaganda against Trump and his cabinet picks on the opinion page but here are facts.

Democrats change House and Senate rules to advance their causes, but when Republicans use those same rules to advance theirs, Democrats cry foul and invoke the same constitution they subvert and violate in their majority and tyranny.

Recall Obama’s pick for Secretary of Education, who happened to be gay. When a 15-year-old male student confided in him about being in a sexual relationship with a grown man, instead of reporting this crime to authorities, told the student it was OK.

Some schools started teaching children second grade on up how to have gay sex, called fisting. This can be googled.

Common Core, like Ritalin, dumbs students down, deliberately.

Many of Obama’s picks publicly praised Chairman Mao and Che Gueverra, both community mass murderers.

His Secretary of State, Clinton, allowed four Americans to die in Benghazi while giving rescuers orders to stand down. She and Obama orchestrated the Syrian attack, which emboldened the rebels, now called Isis, and caused the citizens to flee to other countries, Isis members in the mingle.

Those refugees have taken over communities in the countries who accepted them, raping, killing and destroying property, yet Democrats want them here. Google 45 Communist Goals for America, which was read on the U.S. house floor in 1963 by a Democrat before that party was infiltrated by Communist Party, USA.

According to their website, the Congressional Progressive Caucus gets ideas for mandates from communist orgs and we know that political progressivism is communism.

There is an investigative documentary by former state senator, Curtis Bowers, which chronicles the communist infiltration of our nation and how they succeed in subverting us from within.

The documentary is called Agenda: Grinding America Down and is a little over an hour long and found on Youtube.

Commiecrats are melting down because their destructive agendas are tearing down by Trump and his picks. It’s time that social engineering and brainwashing came to an end.

Our nation and people’s mentalities are decaying by our biggest national threat, which is communism.

They protest everything moral and just while promoting everything unnatural and filthy to be mandated. Their goal is to make people dumbed down and reliant on government and Democrats have been trying to prepare and roll in this communist takeover.

The evidence against them is clear. Should they ever be in majority again, we, the people, should overthrow those who overthrow our republic, as our founders instructed.

Dena M. Campbell

Clinton, S.C.

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