Letter: County Council Election


The editor,


I often feel my chief virtue is my independence. I have a soul free from influence of anyone. I love this community and the people who are my neighbors and friends. I have for a better part of my life, spent my time to educate with attempts to improve the quality of life in this County. 

Serving on County Council opened many doors to actually get involved and help the community. Prime examples while on County Council, I helped instigate and lead many options for review, research and resulting in making it happen. All with a better community in mind. Some of these major improvements and new programs that collectively, the County Council actually put in place, was while I served on Council and as Chairman of the County Council Finance Committee. All programs and improvements is just about everything we all use or enjoy today: 

I encouraged thoughts to build a Higher Education Center;  we built the new Detention Center;  began the County E-911 program;  provided for the first purchase of four new EMS box units;  changed the Fire Department tax structure and allowed for the purchase of eleven new fire engines;  removed the tax doughnut at Lake Rabon from the City and authorized it as the Rural Water program. 

Much was accomplished during my tenure on County Council and the list goes on!

During these much needed projects, and the general public is not aware of, was the tax money that was actually saved by Council. Money saved by my standing firm with the detention center architect of which we ended up releasing and secured DA Architects, saving 2.6 million dollars. The project for the much needed offices that are now located at Hillcrest, we saved$250,000 by my encouraging to hold off on the purchase of the property.

The next twenty years your County Council never accomplished anything for the tax payer. Instead, they created over $100,000 jobs for their friends & family; gave $900,000 away for ZF Transmissions, and guess who made that decision (not you county council). The same individual who wanted to consolidate school districts 55 & 56. They never pursued permanently establishing an EMS station in Hickory Tavern and surrounding area for our schools or tax payers. However, they did close three EMS stations all within the Northern and Western Laurens. Never did any one of your Council Members come forward supporting the needs of these communities, the citizens, but you, the voter voted them into office.  

So I say to you, don’t ever vote to just raise you taxes, vote for your community voice and what it should have.  

When I was on your Council, I didn’t vote to raise your taxes, I always found ways to accomplish and meet the needs of the County by moving money around. Your Council has lost control, between the LCDC and the staff, they are allowed to make the decisions. However, several members are working to improve your quality of life but most are lost with a life packed full of personal interest. 

You, the citizens of Laurens County, we don’t need another Consulting, Marketing and Strategic Planning focused member on our Council. With all of these consultants, our county quality of life is being lowered, because we pay them to actually tell us what we already know. Money wasted that could be used for bigger and better things. This Council is under great leadership by Dr. Pitts, as he has the ability, knowledge and education to lead this County forward. I fully support Dr. Pitts as the Chairman of Laurens County Council as well you, the citizens, should, too.

Don’t judge me for voicing my concerns of the facts taking place. I am watching, as well as you, how the quality of our life is being destroyed. I do exercise my freedom of speech – we all have ink and paper and we do have a free press. 


Jay Weisner, Sr.


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