LETTER: Additional security not part of industrial agreement


The editor,


I would like to thank the Clinton Chronicle’s editor for the front-page article in reference to ZF transmission’s demand for a personal company security detail. 

Their security chief, who by the way hoodwinked the County Council with the help of the county administrator, by not following the established guide lines to address the County council. I’m pleased to say that Dr. Pitts and Joe Wood did defend the actions of their budget process. However, when this arrogant ZF employee threatened the council as if they were “SERFS”, and HE would move ZF north I would have told him he is free do so! This company is demanding more services than was in the initial agreement. 

The county receives 4.2 million dollars in total taxes from ZF. This money is divided with the school system, the LCEDC and what is left the county receives for the counties operational budget. This amount is estimated to be in the $400,000 range. ZF Transmission is demanding an estimated amount of $800,000 /  $100,000,000 in operational services every year, which they are not entitled to. The management of ZF needs to realize that the tax payers are not obligated to provide excessive services that were never part of the intended fee for taxes contract. 

Dr. Pitts was correct in informing them to hire their own security needs as the school systems of the county does. I would also recommend they provide their own EMS units as they do not pay the full cost of the operational cost. (Laurens county tax payers pay a millage to off set the total cost of this service and 70% of the ZF employees live in other counties pay no county tax) Let me add that very few of the management of ZF live in Laurens County either and pay no Laurens County taxes.    

The county council needs to inform the county administrator that we are a county council form of government and he has no authority to ignore the basic rules established to address the county council. I as a taxpayer abide by these required rules. ZF may view their self as a group of prima donnas, but they still are required to abide by these rules.


Jayhue Weisner,



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