The Lego Analogy


As I have mentioned before, I had the marvelous privilege of attending a kindergarten that taught knowledge of self,  in addition to the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic. 

As strict as the school may appear through my commentary, we were allowed to be kids. We were taught that our imaginations were incredible weapons against the various ills of our lives. Whether a playground, a crayon, a song or an adventure, our little school in the housing projects always had resources to sharpen our imaginations. We tried to touch the sun, so that even if we missed, we were at least able to reach the moon.  

One such resource that found itself in both suburban daycares and our modest think tank was the lego building block. With lego building blocks, you can use the same resources to build a castle or a car, a robot or a rocket, an animal or an abstract piece of art. Today, the lego building blocks help me to build an example of love during this illuminated season of giving thanks and being benevolent.

In the quest for accomplishment and accolades, we are taught that no one remembers who came in second. That if you are not first or the only, then your value has diminished. Success is too often measured by possessions and power. Individual influence, no matter how tainted, is often deemed more important than an individual’s  personal integrity.  

In a land of abundance, so many of us have so little, because our priorities place personal possessions before personal relationships. Moths and rust will destroy many of our possessions, similar to to the way they did old leisure suits and 1970’s cars. If nature does not destroy, then man will break in and steal. So we are taught to place are possessions in heaven, where things are eternal.  

What is one of our more prized possessions? Love. The building block, the lego of our lives.  

If we used the various expressions of love as the building blocks of our lives, we will see that it happens to be the little things in life that ticker tape our success and herald our happiness. For example, I may not have an earthly mansion, but I have a roof over my head. I am thankful. And it is not just a house, but it is a home. It is a home because I have the love of the greatest wife and the most qualified and nurturing mother to our four daughters. I have the noise and laughter of four daughters that just don’t seem to be on this respective planet at times. But I am grateful.  

Someone is spending their life savings to try to conceive or adopt, and I was blessed four times to say, “Girls, do I need to stop this car?” I have accomplished many professional goals in my lifetime, but my greatest successes are the souls that I introduced to Jesus. Why? Because the love that He shows me, I get to give to share with others. Not many will share their earthly possessions with a stranger. So I gladly share a heavenly treasure, love.

What will you build with love today? Will you put that broken relationship back together? Will have the courage to love yourself? Will you love away the hate that is tearing our community and country apart?  

Maybe your abstract artistic expression is to love your enemy today. The wonderful thing about legos is that you only build one piece at a time, and if it does to work out, you get to start all over again. 

Our imaginations did not let us give up on legos, let us imagine our hearts not giving up on love. Be blessed not only during this holiday season, but each day of your lovely lives.  


(Steven Evans is a pastor in Clinton.)

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