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June 29, 2020; Dear Clinton Fire District, 


Memorial Day signifies the beginning of our summer season. However, the Fourth of July is our nation’s Independence Day. It is also the pinnacle of sun, relaxation, and family festivities.  

July 4th is on a Saturday this year. As such, July 3rd will be a national holiday as well. Citizens will be able to enjoy a “long weekend” whether at the lake, beach, pool, or cooking out with friends. 

It is our hope you have a safe Independence Day. To add to the well wishes, we want to provide the following fire safety tips: 

Never allow children to play with or ignite fireworks.

Sparklers can ignite clothes. Always hold sparklers at arm’s length, and do NOT run. Children holding sparklers should wear closed-toe shoes or use glow sticks (safer option).  

Always have a bucket of water or water hose nearby to quickly extinguish any grass fire.

Never try to re-light or pick up a firework that has not ignited fully.

Make sure you purchase your fireworks from a licensed vendor.  

Always light fireworks one at a time. Move back quickly after lighting.

Never shoot fireworks at someone or attempt to scare someone with them.

Although fireworks can be pretty to watch, they can be harmful. In fact, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’s 2018 fireworks report, there were more than 9,100 injuries and five deaths directly related to consumer grade fireworks. Those between the ages of 10 and 14 years of age were found to be the largest age group to receive injuries through the use of fireworks. Also, be aware that:

64% of those injured were male

28% of injuries were to the hands and fingers

24% were to the eyes

19% of injuries were to the head, face, and ears

4% of injuries to the arms.

If your celebration includes enjoying water activities, remember to utilize life jackets. Close supervision has been proven to reduce drowning incidents. Additional water safety tips include:

Never leave a young child unattended near the water. Do not trust a child’s life to another child.  

Always enter unknown or shallow water feet first.

Avoid moving water, waves, or rip currents.

Always swim with a partner.

Always stay within your fitness and swimming capabilities.  

Drink plenty of water and use sun protection.

If grilling is part of your weekend plans, remember these appliances are only to be used outside. You should:

Before use, always clean the grill. Empty any build up from the trays below the grill.

Place the grill away from tree branches, and wooden deck railings.

Set up a safety zone around the grill of, at least, three feet. This will help protect others, including children and pets, from getting burned.

Never use a liquid propane (L.P.) gas grill if you smell the gas, or if the unit refuses to light. 

Never attempt to light an L.P. gas grill with anything other than the grill’s ignition source. 

Never use anything other than starter fluid on charcoal grills. Use a long match or lighter, and have an egress route when lighting.

Never leave your grill unattended.

Before disposing the coals, allow them to cool completely and place them in a metal container.

Clinton Fire will be fully staffed and ready to respond. However, it is our hope each of you in the Clinton Fire District enjoy a wonderful weekend full of fun and fellowship. Stay safe!



Fire Chief Phillip Russell

Clinton Fire


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