I Wonder



I wonder what would happen if 

We all stopped worrying about 

If the color of the hat was

Red or Blue

What if we just started agreeing with 

What’s right

No matter the hat color

I wonder what would happen then


See the problem is not

That we don’t see

The issues at hand

The problem is

People are too concerned about staying loyal

To a color

Versus standing in the middle

With the freedom to go left or right


For it seems very simple minded to me

Yes, I do say simple minded

For if you truly cared about the future of this nation

Yes, this nation that we call home

Then even if you and your brother wear the same colors

You would be bold enough

To tell him when he is wrong

And be proud to stand with the man that is right


For I wonder what would happen

If there were no more 

Red or blue

Just right and wrong

For we spoke on the issues

No matter whose mouth it came out of

For why can’t we join and be one

One as a nation


For I am confused

For one will turn on another

Not because of the issues

But because of the person

That said it

Even though that person was right

But his hat color was wrong

For I am no genius

But common sense seems to be missing


For how long will this nonsense of a tradition last

For one can only hope that my child is smarter than this

For right is right and wrong is wrong

So don’t ever ask me what color my hat is

For my hat is colored in “right”

I never “wonder” where I stand

And neither will you

Break bread with me, “red, blue, or right”

Or do you have to wonder


(Lacresha Dowdy is a graduate of Clinton High School, Piedmont Technical College, and Claflin University in Orangeburg. Since December, 2009, she has been the City of Clinton, Municipal Court, clerk of court.)


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