The Extremists are wrong about US



PAINT IS NOT BULLETS -- President Trump


Far-Right Extremists and Far-Left Extremists are shooting each other at an alarming rate in the United States of America.

In doing so, they are giving “aid and comfort to the enemy” at a time when our nation has much more pressing matters at hand.

Russia is the only beneficiary of a weakened United States. To that end, Russian “bots” flood the internet with race-war-inciting messages: “Two Whites Killed by a Black in Road Rage Incident,” and so forth and so forth. Every time you see on the internet “Two Thugs Kill White Mom in Her Driveway” that is a Russian “bot.” Just like Charles Manson and Dylann Roof before them, these are inciting a race war in this country.

Lately the “bots” have been pouring it on with Human Trafficking Victims Rescued messages. This did happen (happily) in rural Georgia recently, but a few hours later, another one was reported in Michigan and another in Illinois, and then a missing child rescued from a truck out West -- no dates and few precise places are listed. So these “bots” basically are recycling these human trafficking rescue articles to make it seem like the government is making progress on this front. Actually, the human traffickers (unhappily) are winning this battle - we’re too bust fighting each other to stand in their way.

In the matters of racial conflict, the president said an alleged murderer of two people (from the far-right) was acting in self-defense. A shooting-fatality victim (also of the far-right) was unjustly killed, even though he was part of a vehicle caravan riding through downtown Portland spraying people with some kind of chemical and shooting them with paintballs. That kind of shooting was okay - the real-bullets kind of shooting was unjust because, in the president’s mind, “paint is not bullets.”

Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden said ALL the shooting is wrong - wrong, wrong, wrong - and it must be stopped, it is not the way to achieve racial justice. He invited the president to join him in this clarion call. The president went to Kenosha, Wisconsin, to see for himself where two protestors were shot to death for the alleged crime of “chasing” a 17 year semi-automatic-weapon armed suspect who had traveled in from Illinois just to partake in the counter-protesting, and to beef up the morale of the Kenosha police.

I guess now that the pandemic is over he doesn’t have that much to do.

My real question is this, Who in The Militia with which he was affiliated allowed Kyle Rittenhouse, the alleged Kenosha double-murder suspect, to roam freely on the streets, after curfew, with a gun he was not old enough to possess, as though he was standing guard (of a car dealership)? And, how did authorities get his name so quickly - the protestors who “chased” him probably didn’t know it, I wouldn’t suspect (his lawayer says he was “hunted”). Somebody in The Militia must have known him - was he set up to become “the poster boy” for Militia recruitment?

Not that it matters - it is all Tragic and so Unnecessary - but the protesting gripping some parts of the country now is because Blacks have died unjustly, while the people being killed and doing the alleged killing are White (Rittenhouse is white, the two people he allegedly shot are white, the man shot to death in Portland is white). What better way to pit White against Black in our country today.

Fact is, both sides are wrong.

Wrong, wrong, wrong to endanger the lives of law enforcement in this way, wrong to burn cities in this way, wrong to be instigators in this way - to this despicable end, the incitement of a race war. Yes, it is true, marching, speeches, kneeling, laws by congress simply are not getting the job done - truthfully, this kind of action is no threat to the status quo. Black Lives Matter is now a corporate slogan for many of the largest corporations in America. 

So, the next logical step is to “ramp it up.” No, and repeat no, the BEST course of action is to let these embers cool. Only the Russians want us to be at each other’s throats - because, then, we will have to install a dictator. They vote their dictator into office, over and over again; they would like nothing better than for the United States of America to follow their lead.


(Vic MacDonald is editor of The Clinton Chronicle. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Chronicle. MacDonald can be reached at 833-1900 or


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