EDITORIAL: We Are The Police


Now, here’s a good idea. Instead of bad-mouthing the police, why don’t we join with them to make our communities safer.

Our friends from Greenwood are having a heck of a time with violence. There are have been shots fired through the wall of an apartment, two young men shot to death, shots fired inside the Greenwood Mall, and police subduing a mall-shooting suspect at Wal-mart. Some say it is stemming from gang violence.

And, while we have no allusions that there are not gangs in Clinton, we have thankfully escaped much of this violence. Recent reports say alleged drug dealers have been taken off our streets by the Clinton Public Safety Department, some as a result of undercover drug buys. So, in the spirit of reduced violence and increased action against illegal drugs, the Clinton City Council on Monday adopted this document:






WHEREAS, The City of Clinton is hosting a series of community gatherings called “Connecting Cops to Communities” to raise awareness and model positive interactions between police officers and communities; and,

WHEREAS, The City of Clinton and the City of Clinton Department of Public Safety are committed to fulfilling the promise of providing a safe community for all citizens of the City of Clinton that is free from fear and free from crime; and,

WHEREAS, The men and women who work each day in the Department of Public Safety to protect our citizens and serve their needs are committed to the ideal of protecting and serving all citizens equally and impartially, regardless of race, gender, or any other factor; and,

 WHEREAS, The City of Clinton and the Clinton Department of Public Safety are committed to seeing our city rise as an example to our state and nation demonstrating how a community and a police force can unite as one body to move our city forward towards its established goals and ideals; and,

WHEREAS, The City of Clinton and the Clinton Department of Public Safety will renew their focus on the community by hosting a series of community gatherings designed to connect officers with the community and connect the community to the police officers with the purpose of raising awareness and modeling positive interactions between police officers and communities with focus on connecting officers with communities and connecting officers with children; and,

WHEREAS, Communities are a natural part of an officer’s environment and when he or she is on patrol. When children are around, interacting with the children gives officers an opportunity to build trust and relationships, change misperceptions and encourage cooperation; and,

WHEREAS, Children are a natural part of an officer’s environment. Connecting with this valuable resource is critical to pursuing law enforcement goals. The way police interact with children in a neighborhood can have a significant impact on police effectiveness and safety, and on the stability of communities.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CLINTON ASSEMBLED does hereby support the officers of the Clinton Department of Public Safety as they reaffirm their commitment to our city, to protect our citizens, to serve our community, to break down barriers between officers and residents, and to continue to be committed to the equal, impartial, and fair enforcement of the law in our city.


We certainly applaud this effort.

Law Enforcement-Community connections were enhanced by another successful National Night Out last night (Aug. 7, details in the Aug. 15 Chronicle). A nationwide movement, National Night Out attempts to bring officers and residents together in an informal setting, to interact and so people can see, these are men and women just like you and me - but exceptional. They have taken a solemn oath to protect you and me. All the rage now is the idea of “one good man with a gun can stop one bad man with a gun.” But we shutter to think what could have happened at the Greenwood Mall if a concealed-carry gun-owner had decided to “open up” on men with guns chasing another man. It would have been a fatal cross-fire just waiting to happen.

No, we want to leave the professional policing to the professionals. We are lucky to have them.

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