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Live PD brought us together.

Marett is the youngest of our four grandchildren and the only girl. Faithful readers will find this hard to believe, but I have trouble relating to females. I’m such a guy’s guy and all.

Hair-dos and hair-don’ts, dresses, bows, open-toed shoes. All these things are beyond my ken.

Marett loves me, I’m sure, but she was always Nana’s girl. When she was at our house, she spent most of her time with her grandmother. If The First Wife walked out of the room, within a minute, Marett would yell “Nana!”

She (Marett, not Nana) is a sweet, beautiful, funny child who just started third grade at one of the Montezuma schools in Laurens.

She and her big brother, Brock, spent some time with us this summer and, along the way, together we discovered Live PD and something magical happened.

Live PD is a “reality” TV show on A&E. It’s semi-live (the broadcasts are delayed between a few seconds and a few minutes to make sure what’s happening is appropriate for my granddaughter).

Dan Abrams is the host of Live PD. He’s an honor graduate of Duke University and Columbia Law School, so one can assume he’s smart.

Live PD follows the action of eight police departments around the country. The Greenville County Sheriff’s Department was one of those eight for four months in 2017. Richland County’s Sheriff’s Department is still one of the eight featured each week.

I’m not sure how Marett and I discovered Live PD. I was not a viewer, but it was on one day when she was at the house. She ended up on the couch beside me and we became enthralled.

She would look at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and say, “This is exciting, Pop” or “This is interesting.”

It quickly became “our thing.”

Thanks to the invention of TV on Demand, you can watch episodes throughout the day – anytime you want. So, while Brock played video games and watched You Tube, Marett and I absorbed Live PD and Nana went to her bedroom and pouted.

Marett makes comments when “the bad guys” do something stupid – which is often. “He shouldn’t do that.” “He’s going to get in trouble.” “She said a bad word.”

As the summer drew to an end, Marett knew the names of many of the officers who regularly appeared on the show.

Her favorite is Lt. Kennedy. Lt. Grayson Kennedy is a member of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department in Texas. The Williamson County board of commissioners recently voted to end their contract because one of their officers (not Lt. Kennedy) did something stupid. 

I’m not sure whether to tell Marett that Lt. Kennedy is soon-to-be gone from Live PD or to count on her not realizing it thanks to TV on Demand.

In the Live PD studio with Abrams each week are Tom Morris, who is introduced as “special officer” with the Washington D.C. police. I think he’s really a crime reporter.

A favorite is Sgt. Sticks Larkin, the hunky, tattooed member of the Tulsa PD, who is also a studio host. Females have tweeted offers to let Sticks frisk them.

So far, Marett has managed to resist the charm of Sticks.

Marett and I have grown much closer, thanks to Live PD. I would rather watch reruns of The Big Bang Theory, but I will die of old age sitting on the couch watching law enforcement officers if that’s what she wants to do while sitting beside me.

Thank you, Live PD.


(Larry Franklin is retired and lives in Clinton.)  




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