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I have had occasions – probably close to 20 – in the last three months to closely observe and have some interaction with a whole bunch of medical professionals – doctors (I think they prefer to be called physicians), nurses, CNAs, therapists, lab techs, office managers, etc.

Some have been associated with Self Regional here with the vast majority associated with GHS in Greenville and the Laurens County Memorial Hospital.

For the most part, the interactions I’ve had have not been for me personally, but for other family members and friends, so I have been a dispassionate but very involved observer. 

I can say without exception that the people who live in the upstate of South Carolina are very fortunate to have quality health care available to them provided by people who are doing more than just collecting the next paycheck.

I have found the doctors to be caring and concerned. I have seen them spend close to 30 minutes with a patient – asking questions and answering questions from the patients and family members.

I have not seen any example of a doctor rushing into a room and then making a medical pronouncement before rushing out.

Most of the doctors I have observed would make good reporters because they are excellent at asking the right question to get to the heart of the matter. Then, based on what they hear, the next step in treatment or therapy is determined.

But nurses are the best. Nurses keep the health care complex running and in good order. The ones I’ve seen are focused on the patient and only on what’s good for the patient.

If I were 50 years younger, I’d go back to school and become a nurse. I think the rewards are heavy.

I’ve seen them help each other out time and again, even if the patient isn’t “their” patient. They are helpful and not territorial. 

The one medical conundrum I’ve seen is “what’s your pain level right now – between 1 and 10?”

I can promise you that pain the doctor might consider a “3” would most likely be a “10” to me. I don’t do pain.

Due to circumstances you don’t need to know, I bruised a rib last week. Coincidentally, it was on My Current Wife’s birthday (regardless of when Facebook says is her birthday). 

On the scale of serious injuries, a bruised rib is pretty low on the list, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to me moan and carry on. So, a doctor with a bruised rib might rate the pain as a “1” or a “2.” But I’m telling him or her it’s an “8.” 

To put a bow on our time together this week, doctors, nurses and, particularly, hospitals, get a bad name. In every example I’ve witnessed, I’ve found the waiting time to be acceptable and the attention and care given to the patients to be outstanding.

I just hope Trumpcare doesn’t screw it up for everybody.


(Larry Franklin is retired publisher of The Chronicle.)



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