My goal, as publisher

By Brian Whitmore
It’s been a year since I took over as publisher of The Clinton Chronicle.
What do publishers do? Most everything.
In addition to managing, I do all the composition work — layout, ad design. Pretty much, I bring it all together and watch the bottom line.
My most important job is to keep the doors open for the families of my employees and for the people of our community.
We have the best news people around — Vic MacDonald (43 years experience) and freelance writer Larry Franklin (45 years experience and former publisher).
Clinton is blessed to have them. Consumers of “real” and not “fake” news are blessed to have them.
But sometimes Vic and Larry upset people with what they write. 
If you think the publisher ignores calls or letters with complaints, you’d be wrong. I take all complaints very seriously. I take them to heart.
My goal as publisher is to never dismiss anyone and to always offer a solution to any problem.
We will report the news, good or bad. You will not always like what we report.
If we’ve missed something in our coverage, we’ll correct that oversight.
If we’re not covering something we should, tell us. We will.
Vic is our only reporter. He can’t be everywhere. Help him out. Send him photos, captions, releases.
We’re all in this together.
The space on this page is for opinions. I’d love for this page to be a place where ideas are expressed freely and both sides of  issues are heard.
You won’t always agree with the opinions on this page, but you’ll always have space to offer your take in a letter to the editor (you have to sign it).
News or opinion, as publisher I have the power to publish or not publish. I believe everyone has the right to their opinion, but sometimes in offering an opinion we cross a line. Then it’s my job to step in and not publish.
Again, we’re not going to always agree on everything and this paper will not be a puppet. But my goal and promise — We will be fair.
We will strive to get both sides of a story.
In our opinions, we will not incite people just for the sake of inciting people.
Ultimately this newspaper is a reflection of me and I strive to be a reflection of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I want Clinton to grow and thrive and succeed. I want our community to be proud of this paper.
I want our advertisers to connect with customers and readers to connect with their community.
So, join us on a great ride. We will have bumps. We can agree to disagree. We are Clinton, let’s go forward.
My renewed commitment is to bring you the best newspaper around.
Brian Whitmore is the publisher of The Clinton Chronicle and can be reached at

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