FRANKLIN'S CORNER: Kavanaugh, Prisma & Others


There are times I wonder how much more I can take before my head explodes. 

I read three local “pastors” say on social media that it doesn’t matter what the newest Supreme Court justice did or didn’t do when he was a teenager. It’s OK if he grinded on a girl who was probably drunk and asking for it.

That’s just too much. I get all heated up and fire of a quickly-written column to the publisher of this newspaper. But then, I think better of it over the weekend and tell him never mind. There are bigger, more local battles to fight.

It’s at times like these that I’m so glad when something happens that lets me know, deep down inside, everything is gonna be alright (not to be confused with the country music song by David Lee Murphy and Kenny Chesney).

Never fear, faithful readers. The universe has righted itself. Donald Trump is still president and doing the Lord’s work. We’re going to make it.

We’re getting us a new hospital name. Shortly after a new year dawns, GHS Laurens County Memorial Hospital (a name I’m just now getting used to using) will be Prisma Health Laurens County Hospital.

There’s been no official unveiling of our hospital’s new name. I’m just guessing. But we were promised last week during a statewide press conference that our hospital (and all the other hospital branches of the big Prisma tree) will retain its “legacy” name. 

I’m thinking that means Laurens County Hospital or Laurens County Memorial Hospital (I’m not sure how far back our “legacy” goes) will be part of all the new signs and logos.

Let me give fair warning. The name had better not be Prisma Health Laurens or Prisma Health Laurens Hospital. The word County had better be in there somewhere or you’re going to have a war on your constantly hand-sanitized hands.

Shortly after our hospital was taken over (in a bloodless coup) by the health care giant to the north, all our signs and printed materials and logos were changed to include Laurens County Memorial Hospital and Greenville Health System’s identifiable blue.

Not long thereafter, it was changed to green. Everything else stayed the same. Thankfully, we didn’t have to learn a new name.

Last summer (2017), GHS and Palmetto Health, Columbia joined up to form South Carolina Health Company. Then it was decided to do away with GHS and Palmetto Health and become Prisma Health.

If I had been involved in this merger and if I had been asked to come up with a new name, Prisma Health would not have been on my Top 100. What in the heck does it mean?

Glad I asked. “Our bold, fresh visual identity includes sharp angles and bright, vibrant colors that distinguish us from traditional health care providers in our region. The design of the letters is intentional and engaging, evoking the facets of a prism.”

Oh, OK.

Your wait time in the ER might not be reduced, but you’ll have a nice, new, engaging sign to look at.

Before I leave you this week, a word of warning. If you live in Clinton, you’d better start paying attention to what’s going on. You’d better get involved and engaged. It’s moving fast and it’s headed for a cliff.


(Larry Franklin is retired and lives in Clinton.)


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