FRANKLIN: What in the world is wrong with you people


He mocks a United States senator who is dying of brain cancer. A man who was shot down over Vietnam and tortured while he was a prisoner of war. A man who refused to be released to come home until all his fellow prisoners were released.
And you all cheered Donald J. Trump for attacking John McCain.
He lashed out at a man who was shot down by the Japanese during World War II and had to be plucked out of the Pacific Ocean. A man who later was Ambassador to China, director of the CIA, Ambassador to the United Nations, member of the U.S. House, Vice President of the United States and, finally, President of the United States.
And 6,500 “Christian” Republicans in Montana cheered Donald J. Trump for attacking George H.W. Bush.
Trump, McCain and Bush are all three Republicans, which Trump has turned into the party of hate.
During the same rally two weeks ago, Trump made fun of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat who may run against him in 2020. All’s fair in war and Trump politics.
He said Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters has an IQ in the mid-60s. I’m not a fan of hers, but that’s a pretty stupid thing to say and, of course, it’s not true.
But the truth doesn’t matter.
And, all the while, 6,500 “Christian” Republicans cheered and laughed.
My main problem these days isn’t with Donald J. Trump. Y’all elected him as your President and I have to live with that. One thing’s for sure – he won’t be anybody’s President after Jan. 20, 2021 and hopefully four years sooner than that.
My problem is with the people who claim to love. Who claim to love this country. Who claim to love Jesus. But who only show hate.
Any broadcast of a Trump rally has a word that should be bleeped during almost every paragraph. Did Barack Obama curse like that? Did Jimmy Carter? Did Ronald Reagan?
If I talked in front of your children the way he talks in public, you would be embarrassed and you wouldn’t stand for it. You would tell me to watch my language. But it’s perfectly OK for His Orangeness.
How anyone can claim – with a straight face – that God had anything to do with Donald J. Trump being elected President is beyond my comprehension. The savior that I pray to every day and the savior I hear preached about every Sunday would have nothing to do with the man in the Oval Office – other than to hope he will repent of his hate and ask for forgiveness for his adultery and his lies.
God is about love. He is about forgiveness. He says we are to love him and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. We are to help the oppressed and take care of children, the poor, the weak, the sick.
Donald J. Trump and the people who cheer him are about none of those things.
And he is not making America great again. He’s destroying America and her people. But “we” elected him. Maybe we deserve what we’re getting.

(Larry Franklin is retired and lives in Clinton.)

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