Franklin Corner - Shaving? Optional during retirement


By Larry Franklin


I’ve shaved every day. Except Saturday. Saturdays don’t count. Repeat. Saturdays don’t count.

One thing I’ve noticed about retired people — like moi — is that they stopped shaving. To be honest, this is more of a thing with males than females. 

They don’t stop shaving to the point of growing a beard. They stop shaving to the point of looking shaggily. Then, my guess is, their wives then make them shave before going to church.

Then on Monday, it starts all over.

I have taken it as a personal challenge not to fall into the stop-shaving syndrome. To that end, I bought a mirror for the shower and now shave in the shower — something else that’s entirely new.

Men know that your face feels soft in the shower. The heat opens your pores or something. I borrowed one of My Current Wive’s pink razors that was already conveniently in the shower and it’s worked out fine. 

Just about everyone that I’ve seen since the end of June has asked “how’s retirement” or a variation thereof. I appreciate the interest, although I perceive some of you really don’t care.

My answer, so far, has been the same. It’s great. My Current Wife and I have had the time to do things we couldn’t do before. We have been extremely busy. We are not bored. We are not just sitting around the house looking at each other.

I’ve told this story to many, many people. I remember seeing George Layne in Ingles after he had been retired from Lynn Cooper Inc. about a year. I asked the same thing people have asked me. “George, how’s retirement?” (I don’t understand why people are calling me George.)

“I don’t know how I ever had time to work,” was his reply and it’s proven true in our case, too.

I have started every morning out on the deck with a cup of coffee and a book. I usually drink and read until The Current Wife gets up. 

Then I spend the morning out of the house. I’ve done some painting outside. I’ve done some yard work. I’ve got back into refinishing furniture (so far just a few small pieces).

Just before noon, I go walking. I park at First Baptist Church and walk down South Broad to just below Whiteford’s. I fight the urge to stop and get a Giant Burger. It’s not easy.

Then, it’s back home for lunch. In the afternoon, I read and watch a little television. 

Anyone who knows me, knows I am an addicted reader. If The Current Wife and I go somewhere in the afternoon —we’ve done a lot of shopping — I take a book with me. I sit and read and she shops. It’s perfect.

We went to the beach with Stacie and Dale and half of their children. For two whole nights. We were gone on a Monday and a Tuesday. It’s the first Monday I’ve had off in 30 years. I did take a Tuesday off one time. I was in the hospital.

But, enough about me. How are y’all doing without me?


(Larry Franklin is retired as the publisher of The Chronicle. His email address is


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