Deport Our Governor? Just try it


So, Donald Trump apologist Ann Coulter says, “Trump should deport Nikki Haley.” Well, madam, just go ahead and try it. We’ve got a National Guard and we’re not afraid to use it.

Our Gov. Haley was picked by right-thinking Republicans to deliver the GOP response to President Obama’s brilliant, and final, State of the Union address. Haley disagreed with just about everything the President had to say.

He said stuff like America is already a great country - don’t buy into fear-mongerers who say “America must become great again.” We’re great now - if you don’t think so, go live somewhere else.

Gov. Haley won’t let the Medicaid expansion part of the Affordable Care Act come into South Carolina. She has shown she would rather stand with her GOP cronies than with poor people in South Carolina who need health insurance. OK, we’ve come to live with that.

She told President Obama not to bring Syrian refugees to come to live in South Carolina. She’s right in step with a majority of Laurens County Council who told President Obama not to allow Syrian refugees to live in Waterloo.

OK, we’ve come to live with that.

But when Gov. Haley said - on national TV!! Yikes!! - that America should allow all legal immigrants to come into America, Trump called her soft. The Republican presidential front-runner likes his women well-toned. Soft on immigration simply won’t do - give immigration lip service, but really what he and his ilk are saying is, No Immigration.

America is turning into a country less and less white. That scares Trump every night when he tries to sleep - no matter where he is in the country running for president, he flies home to sleep in his own bed.

He’s flying down here. Our South Carolina Republicans are going to make him the winner of their presidential primary next month.

Once Trump wins the First in the South presidential primary, and Iowa, and New Hampshire, there is nothing that will stop him from winning the Republican nomination to be President of the United States.

I am going to my polling place at New Prospect Baptist Church that Saturday in February, just to cast my vote for Donald Trump. All right-thinking independents like me should do the same thing - heck, some of y’all Democrats come along and join us.

Trump as the nominee is just what the Republican Party deserves.

He is the best choice out of their field to be the President of the United States. He is the only Republican presidential candidate NOT to buy a Powerball ticket - he’s already got $1.6 Billion, what does he want with another billion?

It would just bring a lot of “long lost relatives” out of the backwoods to ask him for a handout. Go to work, he would tell them. Unemployment in the United States is 5 percent (thanks, President Obama!) but ZF can’t find enough good people to build their transmissions. Kraft Foods can’t find enough good people to cut the heads off turkeys. Jobs are out there for the taking.

You just have to be willing to work hard, and legal. Oh, drat, there’s that word again.


(Vic MacDonald is Editor of The Clinton Chronicle. Reach him at 833-1900 or



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