Cruise on home, Ted

When Saturday is over and all the Republican know-it-alls go home, none will be more welcome to take the bus outta town than Ted Cruz. He has former governor turned App Trail hiker Mark Sanford campaigning for him and some Duck Dynasty guy campaigning for him in Saturday's First in the South Republican presidential preference primary. He had run a semi-respectable race - until Friday.

In the 11th hour, Ted Cruz is butting his nose in our business. He - apparently - wants the Confederate Flag to fly in a place of honor on the grounds of our State Capitol. And his own home state's State Capitol, I would presume. If he's telling us to put it back, he is, of course, telling people in his own home state, the Confederate Flag does not belong in a museum - and certainly not in the $3M display envisioned for the Confederate Relic Room in the first round of "how do we honor the flag" discussions.

A $50 display case would work just fine, thank you, very much, Mr. Cruz.

Some group that wants Cruz to be the next President of the United States - so he can install the Confederate Flag at the White House - WHITE, get it? - no doubt - did some robot-calling about Donald Trump, the big bad boogey-man of the Republican Party siding with Gov. Nikki Haley, the big bad boogey-woman of the Republican Party, saying the flag should be honored in a museum.

The Cruz call called it heritage and all that. It's just a cheap and tawdry attempt to get the people who are mad about the flag in the first place to vote for Cruz on Saturday. The polls are open from 7 am to 7 pm - all you flag people run right out and vote for Cruz, go ahead - just be sure you bring a photo ID (and it has to be an actual photo of YOU) with you to your favorite polling place.

Remember, Democrats, DON'T YOU go running to the polls this Saturday to vote against Cruz - your turn comes next Saturday (why the heck are having elections on SATURDAY anyway?) to vote for grandma or great-grandpa.

Donald Trump is right. The Confederate flag DOES belong in a museum, pay it respect - honor, if you're truly desperate - and then make some money off of it. Move the Confederate museum to Charleston, where people can go through it before they get on cruise ships. We, in South Carolina, have put this issue to rest.

The majority of our duly-elected representatives voluntarily chose to put the flag up - and voluntarily chose to take the flag down. Ted Cruz didn't care about it - until Haley endorsed Marco Rubio, at a campaign event in the booming metropolis of Chapin - rather than the official Republican hangout, Butt's Barbecue in the Upstate. If Haley had endorsed Cruz, you can bet the group that placed that robo-call wouldn't have had a guy with a voice that sounds like he just ate prunes saying, "Guvnr Hey-ley." 

Ted Cruz - just go home. TAKE the flag, if you want to go to South of the Border and pick one up. You will still have many more states to campaign in - many more places where you can stick you sizable nose into somebody else's business. That is a Presidential thing, after all, telling people what to do - telling young men and women to die in a war half way around the world, telling people (horrors!!) their kids have to have health insurance. Telling us to put our flag back up - that's a good issue on which for you to cut your teeth. You weren't down here when nine people were shot dead in a church but, hey, that's your call. Not your business, after all.

(Vic MacDonald is Editor of The Clinton Chronicle. Reach him at 833-1900 or


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