CORNER: A shorts and T-shirt kinda guy

Since you asked, let me give you another retirement update. Last time, I told you I have shaved everyday since I retired (except Saturdays, which don’t count). That has continued.

Another thing – I officially retired June 16. I have not had on a pair of long pants since. I’m a shorts and t-shirt kind of guy. I went to a meeting last week at City Hall (you may know it as the M.S. Bailey Municipal Center – brought to you by M.S. Bailey and Son, Bankers). 

As I walked into the room, I heard Mayor Bob McLean say, “He’ll be here in a minute with his Crocs and no socks.” Sharp as I am, I knew he was talking about me. I was right.

I told the mayor the fascinating story that I had not worn long pants since I retired. “You don’t go to church?” he asked. I was touched that he would be concerned about my salvation.

“I go every Sunday,” I said. Luckily, I go to rock-n-roll church, where shorts and t-shirts are accepted.

Dixie Davis and Jamie Bishop deliver The Chronicle every Wednesday. Dixie is (in)famous for wearing shorts year-round – at least on Wednesdays. It doesn’t matter how cold it gets. If it’s Wednesday, Dixie will have shorts on.

I saw Dixie last week (not the same day I saw the mayor). I told him because he’s my hero, my plan is to continue to wear shorts. No matter how cold it gets. 

I think if I bundle up enough and put on two or three sweatshirts, I’ll be OK. Time will tell.

I plan to start wearing socks with my Crocs when the leaves fall. I don’t want nothing to do with cold feet.

If you’re read this far, I know you’ve said to yourself, “Why is he wasting my time talking about what he is or isn’t wearing? Why doesn’t he tell us what he really thinks about Donald Trump? And Jeff Duncan. And Lindsey Graham. And Nikki Haley. And Mike Pitts. And Stewart Jones. And Keith Tollison. 

Fool. Puppet. Inconsistent. Over her head. Ridiculous. Unrealistic. Needs to resign.

Finally, it’s impressive what an outstanding job the City of Clinton’s utility department does. If you drive through town early the morning after a downtown event/festival (as I once did), there will be no indication that anything happened.

By that, I mean there is no trash on the streets or sidewalks. There are no overflowing trash cans. The city folks swoop in after everyone else goes home and go to work.

As far as I know, city electric customers did not lose power during Irma. One reason is because the city has been proactive in trimming limbs and removing trees that can fall during a storm. 

I’m also confident, had the city lost power during Irma, the city electric crews would have worked nonstop until power was restored. 

While I’m handing out pats on the back (the new Larry), “Attaboys” to both Laurens Electric Cooperative and Laurens (city) CPW for quick response to power outages during Irma.

Stay tuned. I’ll let you know about my plans to grow a ponytail and get an ear pierced.


(Larry Franklin is retired publisher of The Chronicle.)


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