CORNER: Not born last night


By Larry Franklin


Henry McMaster promises if we elect him governor on Nov. 6, he will put a police officer in every school in South Carolina. That sounds like a great idea and one I can get behind.

But wait. Isn’t Henry McMaster already the governor? Didn’t he inherit the job when his buddy appointed our former governor as the UN Ambassador? Yes and yes.

So, reasonable people might ask this question: If having police officers in every school is such a good idea and you promise to do it if we vote for you Nov. 6, why haven’t you already done it? What you waiting for?

If the money isn’t currently available to pay for this, from what secret pocket will it magically be taken on Nov. 7?

“No child should EVER be unsafe at school,” McMaster says. “South Carolina will have a trained, certified law enforcement officer in every school, in every county, all day, every day. That is my promise to you.”

I have a promise to you, sir. I’m not going to be tricked by a completely transparent campaign trick. I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

In a totally and completely unrelated thought, when did our athletes get so weak/lazy that they can’t hold their own “water” bottle?

Like many bad things, this practice started on a national level (NFL), skirted down to the state/college ranks and, now, is seen locally.

If you haven’t noticed, watch during a timeout. The athletic trainers for the professional or college or high school team rush out onto the field with a 6-pack of “water” bottles. 

They will walk into the players huddle, hold the bottle in front of each player and squeeze “water” into the player’s mouth. I think it’s insulting. Why can’t the almighty player hold his own “water” bottle and do his own squeezing? 

Athletic trainers are trained to help athletes as the first line of treatment for an injury. They are not your personal bottle holder and squeezer. 

And another thing…NASCAR drivers apparently can’t drive their own cars into the garage.

Notice again, if you haven’t. When a driver comes into the garage area during a practice session – or during a race – once they get near their designated garage space, the crew members take over.

Several members will push the car, eliminating the need for the driver to push the accelerator, while another team member (I guess the one with seniority) will reach inside the driver’s window, lower the window net, and then take control of the steering wheel, guiding the car safely into the garage stall.

Just seconds before, this same driver, who can no longer pilot his own car, was driving 200 miles an hour just inches away from other cars going 200 miles an hour.

And now, he can’t drive into a garage stall. Or is this another case of athlete elitism? 

Next thing you know, trainers will be taking a knee for the NFL players during the national anthem. Who will the prez call an SOB then?


(Larry Franklin is retired and lives in Clinton. He proudly claims he has never not held his own “water” bottle.)



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