CORNER: Individual 1's Actions Cannot Be Defended


What is wrong with you people?

This question, first posed a couple months ago, has more standing today than then.

Individual 1 shows himself to be a liar every single day. Every. Single. Day. 

In addition to being incapable of telling the truth, Individual 1 has overcome debilitating (and nonexistent) bone spurs to become a cheat, a thief, a megalomaniac, a sexual predator, a racist, a Nationalist, an unfaithful husband and a man who is devoid of any thirst for learning. 

He has said he can kiss a woman and grab her genitalia. He can get away with it, he bragged, because he’s famous. 

He’s a horrible negotiator and a coward who’s afraid of face-to-face confrontation. He’s petulant and petty. He’s a horrible person.

And yet, time after time, day after day, the right — particularly religious conservatives — defend and praise Individual 1. Time. After. Time.

How does that happen? How do you justify that? Honestly. I want to know because I just can’t understand it. Send an email to

If he walked up to my wife or daughter and kissed either one of them and grabbed them between the legs, I wouldn’t defend him on Facebook. I’d kick the living crap out of him. But y’all think it’s OK. Y’all think he can do no wrong. What if it were your wife or your daughter or your mother? Answer me that in an email.

Y’all praise him for exactly being the kind of person he is. Y’all say he has been placed by God. I assure you, he has not.

If you look up hyperbole in a dictionary (bet he doesn’t own one), the definition will be accompanied by a picture of Individual 1.

He claimed last week “everyone” wants to be his new Secretary of Defense. I can assure him — and you, faithful reader — that I have no such desire. 

He has claimed people need a photo ID to buy groceries. I know for a fact you can go to a Clinton grocery store, get your groceries, check yourself out, bag your groceries yourself and carry them to your car yourself and never — not once — be asked to show a photo ID.

He told the United Nations he has accomplished more than any administration in US history. They laughed at him. 

He said Republicans support protections for people with pre-existing conditions. But Red states — with Individual 1’s backing — sued to have those very protections declared unconstitutional.

I’m thinking about going to Charleston with all the tea bags My Current Wife will let me have and throwing them into the harbor. A Charleston Tea Party (not to be confused with that other group by the same unfortunate name), if you will. Because I’m definitely not receiving any representation in Washington. I would be better off being unrepresented.

Y’all remember the high point of those pep rallies called campaign events? Individual 1 would ask, “What are we going to build?” And all the Individual 1ers would scream in ecstasy, “a wall!”

Individual 1 would then ask, “Who’s going to pay for it?” Y’all thought the correct response was “Mexico!” Turns out you should have been screaming “Larry Franklin” because that’s who Individual 1 is expecting to pay for the wall/slotted fence that he wants to build to keep out all the immigrants. 

Immigrants. You know. Like Mary and Joseph. OK, that was a cheap shot and I’m better than that. 

Individual 1 claims the wall is already being built and Mexico is paying for it. But it’s not being built which means, of course, no one is paying for it. He’s said he’ll keep the government shut down until he gets $5 billion to get started. The $5 billion will come from y’all. And me. 

He’s a carnival sideshow. And he’s very, very dangerous. Forgive me if I don’t thank you for doing this to my country.


(Larry Franklin is retired and lives in Clinton.)


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