Duncan: There are 2 donald trumps

Congressman says it's better to embrace and influence the Republican nominee for president, than to oppose him
There is a lot of distrust ..." - Rep. Jeff Duncan

Saying "it's amazing" to get to this point in the nomination process for President of the United States and see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the major parties' nominees, 3rd District Congressman Jeff Duncan said today that Trump will surround himself with good people once he is elected president in November.

"He always has, had good people around him," Duncan said of the Republican presidential nominee.

Duncan said Trump has been "all over the board" in the causes he has championed and the policy positions he has taken, and Clinton has survived a scandal and potential criminal prosecution for allegedly mishandling sensitive government e-mails. 

Duncan said a concern he has with Trump is that ambassadors of Western Hemisphere nations are constantly telling him their worries about a Trump presidency. "When (Trump) says, 'The wall with Mexico just got 10 feet higher,' that really concerns them," said the congressman, who is chairman of the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee in the US House of Representative. The congressman said Canada is the US #1 trade partner and Mexico is #3 so, naturally, anything policy rhetoric in the United States is of interest to officials in those countries.

Duncan missed the GOP National Convention in Cleveland because he was on a terrorism defense fact-finding trip, and he has traveled to Rio to review security precautions for the 2016 Summer Olympics that begin Aug. 5. Duncan spoke this morning at a gathering sponsored by the Laurens County Chamber of Commerce.

He did not originally support Trump as a candidate for president, but said recently he is making good on a promise to fully support his party's nominee. The New York billionaire was nominated for president at the GOP Convention in Cleveland, and former US Secretary of State Clinton, the wife of former President of the United States Bill Clinton, was nominated for president at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. The leading third party candidate is Libertarian Gary Johnson.

"Our nation has been focused on the Middle East for 15 years, since 9/11," Duncan said. "We've neglected a lot of relationships close to home. They wake up every day thinking about America, how can they be as prosperous as America. We don't wake up every day thinking about Uruguay."

Duncan said Trump's Congressional liaison has heard these concerns, and more, about the Republican nominee. He said Republicans need to express their concerns about Trump's sometimes bombastic rhetoric, and behnd the scene try to influence his policy-making decisions.

"I believe there are two Donald Trumps - two Hillary Clintons, too," Duncan said. One is the candidate, saying things to get a leg up in the 24/7 news cycle, and another listening to the concerns of staff members. The congressman said, "There is a lot of distrust of the Democratic nominee. A lot of distrust of the Republican nominee. Here and abroad."


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