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A fire at Landau Apartments in Clinton and at a home in Joanna have left families burned out and, tragically, left the family of a 4-year-old girl with the loss of a loved one. People throughout Upstate South Carolina are wanting to help, and these are some Facebook postings about how that can be done - a fund for money donations for the Landau families has been established at Arthur State Bank, through Laurens CountyBUZZ:


First, Joanna:

Elizabeth Plaxico Lollis


Facebook Family!!!!

The joanna Fire Dept just responded to a house fire, and the family is in need they have lost everything. (No this is not connected to the Apartments in Clinton)

There are 4 boys and mom

sizes below:

boys sizes 10/12 and 8 clothes h

Shoes: Sizes 1, 2, and 3

Mom size Small, and Shoe size 8

Also Christmas toys would be great. They lost all their presents.

Please let me know if you have anything that you would like to donate to them. The fire dept is trying to get in touch with red cross.

You can drop things off at 610 Blalock Drive or 622 Blalock Drive. Just leave it on the porch.

ALSO: Drop off Update:On the young lady and her 4 boys .201 Elizabeth Street apartment D1.

People have expressed an interesting in buying Playstation 5 and gaming for the Joanna family (one of the children's one request); interested, see Nickie Templeton below.


Landau: account at Arthur State Bank – funds distributed among all 8 families. Dropoff: 600 West Main St., Clinton City PD, Waffle house S. Broad, Titlemax Clinton, Laurens County Sheriff’s Office (Monday & Tuesday).

Chosen Generation Ministries Worship Center

Will Be Accepting Donations Tomorrow, Between The Hours of 4pm and 6pm est.

20616 HWY 76 Laurens , SC 29360

Thank You In Advance !




Nickie Templeton


Santa Toy Drop Off Event at First Baptist in Clinton for Fire Victims: A special thanks to the team all tagged on this post.... you ladies are awesome!!

There are so many drop off points and ways of helping all of the victims, and all I can say is God is so good!!! Thanks to all of you.

For this particular event you can drop off at First Baptist and tell them it’s for the Santa Toy Drop Off or contact me directly to get the toy.

Please see the info below. It’s a lot of info but take the time to read so we can make this event successful for all of the babies involved.

Santa Drop Off at First Baptist TENTATIVE date Wednesday. Will confirm or change tomorrow when I talk more with the church:

Need your help:

Over the next day or so several of us are organizing a Santa Toy Drop Off at First Baptist in Clinton. Thank you Blake Harwell!! This event will be for all elementary aged kids involved in the fire. Santa will make an appearance at First Baptist and hand toys to these sweet babies and even clothes if necessary. Along with snacks and socially distanced games. I know people are doing a million different things right now, and it’s so awesome to see!! I want to make this easy for everyone.

How can you make this event happen?

Venmo me @Nickie-Templeton or fb message me and I will pick up the toys or your donation. Some of you don’t know me, so I will take a picture of the Venmo account and then of all of the receipts and post so you see where your money goes. Will add a cash app name so you can have another way to give.

We need donations and BAKED GOODS, snacks, and any food for the event.

Update: Hey guys if it asks for last 4 digits of my phone number on Venmo @Nickie-Templeton it is 3049

UPDATE: these are the 6 kids from Landau fire and I will be adding kids from Joanna fire ASAP:

2 yo girl

10 yo boy

4 yo girl

1 yo girl- wears 4/5 pull ups

4 yo boy

2 yo boy

5 yo girl

9 month old baby boy

UPDATE 3: Add these kids from Joanna fire:

Two 5th grade boys (age 11) size 10/12; shoe size 3

3rd grade boy (age 9): size 10/12; shoe size 2

1st grade boy( 6 year old): size 8; shoe size 1

Update 4: sizes for some of the Landau victims.... working on more:

Here is the information for the mother that lost the little girl and her other daughter info. 1 yr old. Pull UpsOr Diapers 4/5 Pants &Shirts 12-18 months Shoes5c. Mother: Pants size2/3 Shirts Medium Shoes 7 in half. Just label these gifts as Landau age 1 or Landau mom of 1 year old. I can meet you or drop off at First Baptist.

Update 5: more sizes for Landau Victims:

List of just sizes for 7 of them!!

Female adult pants size 3, shirt small, shoe size 8.5

Girl 1 yr old clothes 12-18 m

Female adult pants size in men 38/30, shirt XL, shoe size kids 7

Adult male pants (sweats) size L but jeans 36/34, shirt size L, shoe size 13

Female adult pants size 11, L shirt, 8 shoe

4 yr old male 16 in pants, 14 in shirt, 3.5 shoe

2yr old male 7 in shirt and pants, 11.5 in shoe

Update 6: more sizes from Landau:

My cousin and her kids lost everything including (Christmas) in a apartment fire this morning she has 3 kids and anything will be appreciated atp !!!

Cash app $tshanice28

Son age 10

Shoes: 11 (men)


Shirts medium

Girl age 5

Shoes 3

Pants 10

Shirts 7/8

Underwear 10

Baby boy 9 months

Size 2 pampers

9-12 mo

Shoes 3c


16 women pants

Xl shirt

10 in shoes

Underwear size 9

Bra 48D

News Coverage:



This is the part of firefighting that I HATE! So many emotions, and questions. In all my years of firefighting the early morning fire in clinton was extremely tough emotionally, and physically. The feeling of hopelessness was overbearing once we confirmed a child was still inside. I watched multiple firefighters give it all they had to get this burning monster under control. FEARLESS, BRAVERY, HARDWORKING, TEAMWORK, are just some of the words I would use to describe them. Clinton FD, Joanna FD, Sandy Springs FD, and Laurens County FD worked hand, and hand to do what needed to be done. Also would like to say THANK YOU to Coroner's Office, SLED, LCSO, LCEMS, CNNG, LEC, Clinton PD, and many more for their outstanding assistance. There was no task to big or to small.
PLEASE keep everyone in your thoughts, and prayers from all the family's affected, first responders, and other's that dealt with this incident today. Especially the little girls family that tragically lost her life.
If you would like to donate there is a link on my Facebook page to a group you can join. It has all the information of what the families are in need of, and the drop offs. Thank you!




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