Publisher's Point: Blimey, my DNA results are bloody cool

By Brian Whitmore

It’s official. I have British and Irish blood coursing through my veins.

I got the 23andMe test kit for Father’s Day. You spit in vial, send it in and they tell you about your ancestry.

I spit in the vial and prepared it for transport. Then I read the instructions and had to open the box up to do it right. After duct taping the box back, I mailed it.

I joked with Larry Franklin that the results were going to come back – REDNECK.

Publisher's Point: Let’s meet in the middle

By Brian Whitmore

Today we celebrate the 242nd birthday of the United States.

If we want to be around another 200 years, we better find a way to get along.

What ever happened to compromise and middle ground?

Why is everything black or white, with no gray?

Why can’t we put ourselves in the other person’s shoes?

Where is the tolerance? Why, if someone disagrees with us, we deem them ignorant?

Why has extremism taken over?


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