Press On: The Holy Bible is truth in message and detail

By Brian Whitmore/Publisher
Is the Bible inerrant, infallible or both?
A pastor told me not long ago that he’d rather use the term infallible than inerrant when referring to the Bible. I didn’t think much about it at the time; after all, don’t those words mean the same thing? Well, yes and no.
Inerrant means there are no errors in the Bible.
Infallible means there can be no errors in the Bible.
Same, right?

VIC: Maybe, The Reason?

We are all struggling to make sense of why Presbyterian College would discontinue the contract of football head coach Tommy Spangler. Maybe it’s as simple as this, from the conservative publication “National Review:”


When the Faculty Lounge Goes After College Sports -- Greg Dumas -- April 25, 2021, 6:30 AM·4 min read

VIC: Human Trafficking Statistics


Anyone who is concerned about the on-going human trafficking horror in this nation should be aware of a new report about the subject.

Upstate South Carolina is an area that should be concerned because we live on the I-85 Corridor. Atlanta is listed as one of the nation’s worst human trafficking cities, by attorneys of the Neal Davis Law Firm — a respected criminal defense law firm based in the Houston area.

Press On: I choose peace

By Brian Whitmore
“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”
– Romans 12:18
I like peace. I hate strife.
Sometimes Christians are put in situations where they must make a stand. This usually causes conflict.
A Christian should get no joy from conflict. Stirring the pot is not the path to righteousness. Peace should always be our goal.

Publisher: Driving in Laurens County, not for the faint of heart

By Brian Whitmore/Publisher
Many people in Laurens County can’t drive.
I know this comes as a shock.
We have a lot of people on Laurens County roads. The population of the county is 67,493 (2019). The majority of those drive and that’s a lot of people on an infrastructure of roads that, well, could have been designed better.
The majority of my commute is on a road suited for one and a half cars, not two. You have to slow down when you meet oncoming traffic.


Vic’s View:  Immediate Action Required



Congress should pass a bill -- H.R. 89 - immediately. It allows terrorists to be deported.

The United States Department of Justice has a verified list of 300 people who are terrorists. They attacked the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. And so, they should fall under the provisions of this ought-to-be federal law:

Kelly's Corner: The time I escaped a serial killer

My sister and I have gone on many adventures together, most of them your typical sister outings – going to the mall, movies, grabbing a bite to eat. But I never, in a million years, thought I would live to tell the tale of how we escaped the hands of The Columbia Killer. I’m all for a good game, but The Columbia Killer had a different kind of game in mind. We don’t know how we ended up in his basement, but we could hear the thunder and lightning rumbling above us. To make matters worse, the storm knocked the power out.


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